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Student Notebook

(89 pages)

My Orthography Notebook is the companion student notebook for Literacy Essentials: The Journey from Spelling to Reading®. This is a reference book students complete in conjunction with lessons taught in the program each academic year in grades 1st-3rd (1st - 6th in schools new to Literacy Essentials). Consumable. This is not a stand-alone product. Directions for completion and use, as well as completed example pages are found in the K-3 Teacher Guides/Copy Masters of our Literacy Essentials Curriculum.

Students complete and use the notebook as a reference and for practice in conjunction with classroom lessons as prescribed in the grade level teacher guides for Literacy Essentials. The pages graphically organize the information they are learning about orthography. Each student, in essence, builds a “toolbox” for English orthography that is used throughout the year. The notebook also has a section where the students write the words from their daily spelling/vocabulary lesson. At the end of each year, they have a collection of all the words learned in that grade.  

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Consider the following when calculating the total number of notebooks needed by your school:  

  • Teacher training and all new teachers (one per participant)

  • Student copy of the notebook in grades 1-3 each year  

  • If it is your first year with Literacy Essentials, we recommend students in grades 4-6 complete the notebook during the first year.   

  • Extras for students entering during the school year

Please note: 

* A minimum of 15 business days is needed to receive your order.

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