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Welcome! We are excited you are teaching or interested in teaching our literacy program.

This section is just for you. Our intention is to support you in the classroom. You have such an important job. If you are not able to find what you were hoping for, please let us know.

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English is a beautiful yet complicated language. Therefore, learning how to teach it clearly, completely, and efficiently is a critical skill for teachers. Your students will benefit greatly from the time and effort you put into learning this program, which starts with the phonograms.  


These videos feature the common English spelling patterns, also called phonograms, as taught in Literacy Essentials: The Journey from Spelling to Reading®. Phonograms are best taught and learned in person. These videos merely reinforce that personal instruction. They are provided to help you learn, practice, and master all the phonograms. The videos are not intended for student instruction.  

There are three videos for each set of phonograms. The first video in each set (Learn) is longest, as it introduces the phonograms in detail. The second video, Spell, presents the same phonograms in mixed order to practice the skill of hearing a sound and writing a spelling pattern that matches. To SPELL the phonogram, you hear the sound/s of the phonogram, and you repeat the sound/s as you write the phonogram. The third video has you Read the phonograms; you see the phonogram card, and you independently say it and write it. Practice in this manner builds mastery for the skills used when reading.